Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

Everyone who owns a business today, especially a digital business, should explore social media marketing to achieve better results.

Social networks are used daily by thousands of people, which is why it is worth maintaining a presence on these channels.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

In order to increase your audience, gaining more and more customers for your products and services, you need to follow some basic strategies.

In this post, we will present some essential tips to make the most of the power of marketing on social networks to leverage sales and grow in the market.

1. Choose the Ideal Social Networks According to Your Business Objective

There are several popular social networks today, all of them with a large number of registered users and active every day.

But there is an important detail: the audience for each of these social networks is different. That is why it is important to choose the best channels based on your business objective.

Let’s comment a little on the main characteristics of the most targeted social networks. They are those with the largest number of users, which can be used in your marketing strategies on social networks.

a) Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet, with more than 2.6 billion registered users. In India alone, the giant has more than 400 million records, making the country one of the most active in the world within the platform.

Since 2008, this platform has stood out and never stopped growing. The organic reach on Facebook is huge, being one of the social networks with the largest number of active users.

The user profile of the platform is varied: it is possible to meet people of all sexes, of all age groups and with all tastes and styles. Within this social network, posts in text, video and live streams are shared.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

The platform stands out as a social channel, in which people interact with each other, either through reactions (likes), comments, shares or direct messages, through Messenger, a related application.

Thousands of brands are already within this platform, maintaining their presence through professional pages. It is an excellent channel to start implementing marketing strategies on social networks. Allows the creation of advertisements.

b) Instagram

Instagram appeared timidly in the social media market, but soon reached its place of prominence. Nowadays it beats Facebook head on, being in many ways preferred by users. So it is worth having a successful Instagram, with several followers.

And speaking of users, the number keeps growing. There are currently more than 88 million registered in India alone. Through new features, the platform tends to remain for a long time among the most suitable for marketing on social networks.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

Like Facebook, this social network allows the creation of advertisements – from the Facebook ad manager, which works in an integrated manner. The photos to Instagram should be designed to generate attraction, both in organic threads as in paid posts.

c) LinkedIn

Social networks are not just about sharing images from social networks, such as kitten and memes.

LinkedIn is proof that social platforms can be explored in very different ways. It is one of the largest corporate networks in the world.

There are already more than 575+ million registered users worldwide. In India, the number of registrations reaches 65 million. What sets this platform apart from others, like Facebook and Instagram, is the proposal: a social network for professionals.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

Users are people looking for job placements, looking for opportunities or interested in increasing networking, the network of professional contacts. That is why the public is older and with a more advanced level of education.

In addition to these platforms, we can also mention Twitter, which allows the sharing of various media and is one of the most traditional social networks on the market – with the advantage of being always on the air even when all the others are facing turbulence.

Social media marketing can also be applied to Pinterest, an image sharing platform – more professional than Instagram – and YouTube, the largest video sharing platform in the world, with approximately 265 million registered users in India alone.

Gaining subscribers on YouTube, in fact, is an efficient way to be able to create authority within the internet, which is beneficial for any business.

2. Make a Plan

For social media marketing to be possible, planning is essential.

As we have shown, there are several social networks with enormous potential, which can be explored. But, before anything, it is important to organize everything properly.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

It is worth thinking about the content that will be published, the frequency of publication, the best formats (text, image, video, live broadcast etc.) and other factors.

Creating an editorial calendar can be excellent for maintaining control over social media planning.

3. Post Relevant Content

When creating content for marketing on social networks, one of the details to be observed concerns quality: the content must be relevant to the target audience.

But What is Relevant Content?

It is one that delivers useful information that helps people in their daily lives.

No content just to “fill sausage, it is essential to get to the point and treat the target audience with respect.

To help you think of the best topics for posts, a quick search on Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner is the solution. These tools help you find popular theme and subject ideas.

4. Take Care of the Quality of the Content

After choosing the best topics and subjects for the posts, it’s time to take care of the quality of the material to be produced.

Marketing on social networks must be based on solid content, which goes through a verification process that goes from the choice of content for social networks to the selection of images to be incorporated.

All the details matter, to create impeccable material, that attract the attention of people who follow the profile of the brand on social networks. Images can be created autonomously or found in image banks.

The copy text of the post must also be built looking for maximum quality.

Last but not least, regarding the quality of the content, it is worth organizing the feed well.

On Instagram, for example, maintaining a color standard is recommended, to create a cleaner look, which conveys the idea of care and organization on the part of the brand.

5. Take Advantage of Topics that are in Trends and Use Memes of the Moment

When done correctly, the strategy of taking advantage of hype – moment of extreme promotion of a product, person or brand – has very positive effects.

In social media marketing, exploring memes and trends is a way to stay competitive and up to date.

In order not to be left out of this strategy, one of the secrets is to follow closely what is happening in the world.

Researching and tracking what other people and companies are publishing and sharing is an efficient way to stay behind and lose the meme. After all, the hype passes very quickly.

The viral marketing in social networks is almost always associated with popular subjects. The Bettina case , for example – the young woman who became a millionaire investing only 1500 reais – was explored by thousands of companies.

6. Don’t Be Controversial

The controversy does not match with marketing on social networks. Many profiles, including business ones, end up losing followers by betting on aggressive approaches, touching on issues that end up causing controversy between followers and users in general.

There are many issues that deserve to be avoided, whatever your business. Among them are politics, religion, drugs and the like.

Unless your company acts directly in these segments, it is better to think of publications that do not make room for controversy.

In other words, one of the precautions on social networks is to avoid causing as much controversy or intrigue among the followers, in order to maintain an always positive atmosphere.

7. Know How to Invest in Ads

Social media marketing strategies go far beyond sharing rich content. One of the great advantages of social networks is the possibility of creating advertising materials, called ads, which are served to the entire network of users and not only to followers of your brand – if that is what you want.

This means that the reach of an advertisement on social media is huge, especially when the creator of the ad knows how to segment its audience and choose the parameters of advertising well.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

To invest in paid advertising without losing money, however, you need to know ad creators well.

Among the main ad platforms is Facebook Business. It is an incredible platform, with several segmentation resources.

You can create ads to be shown to specific audiences, delimited by age, gender, interests, connection device, education level, and more.

Facebook Business is connected to Instagram Business, making it possible to create ads for both social networks from the same ad manager, simultaneously or individually.

In addition, other social networks also offer ad managers. This is the case with Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads .

All of these platforms allow segmentation, keyword research and budget control – that is, you decide how much you want to spend on your social media marketing strategies.

However, just as important as creating the ad is to closely monitor the results. Best of all, you can make edits in real time, with effects almost instantly. A campaign can be improved during its placement.

8. Encourage Engagement and Interact with Your Followers

Social networks are for socializing. This is also true for the brands that are present in these channels.

All marketing strategies on social networks must be based on continuous interaction with followers, whether through likes, responses, shares, live videos, etc.

In addition, the management of social networks should be focused on encouraging the participation of followers, opening polls, asking questions, inserting calls to action (CTAs) at the end of posts and much more.

Answering messages in the inbox is also recommended.

9. Do the Monitoring

Finally, it is important to talk about the importance of monitoring social networks.

There are no perfect strategies, but perfect strategies for each business. And to find out exactly what works for you, it’s worth testing and experimenting.

There are some more obvious numbers that can be tracked, such as the number of followers on the business page, number of interactions like likes, comments and shares, number of people watching live streams, etc.

In addition to these numbers, there are a few others that can only be followed up using external tools. These are called KPIs, formed by the joint analysis of smaller metrics.

This is the case of the number of people who are accessing your website or blog from the links shared on social networks. Google Analytics is one of the best options to perform this tracking.

And for your social media marketing to have even more powerful results, it is worth inserting quality, edited and personalized images for your business.

To help you, we separate a complete post with the best photo editors for mobile and computer.

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