Brand Marketing! What is Brand Marketing?

Brand Marketing! What is Brand Marketing?

A brand must make a place for itself and the competition is sometimes fierce. This is where we can bring in brand marketing, or branding. It consists of carrying out marketing actions aimed at improving the image of the brand, to make it recognizable in people’s minds.

It is a very useful tool to strengthen your brand image.

Where Does Brand Marketing Come From?

Brand marketing appeared in the 1950s, a period of full economic growth. More and more brands are starting to stand out to stand out and hope to gain the interest and confidence of new consumers.

What is Brand Marketing

Brand marketing, often abbreviated as branding, is a marketing strategy in its own right. Nowadays, with the internet, it has grown and includes several elements.

What is Brand Marketing Made of?

The Brand Name, Its Slogan (s)

Choosing a name for your brand is the first step. It may contain a keyword related to the activity, but not necessarily. It should be easy to remember and stand out.

To support the name, most brands also have what’s called a slogan.

  • “Just do it”,
  • “The bank to talk to”
  • “And it starts again”
  • “For the love of taste”

Do these slogans remind you of a particular brand? If so, it is because the branding of this brand caught your attention and marked you.

The Brand’s Visual Identity

The visual identity of a brand is based on its graphic charter. This includes graphic elements such as.

The Logo or Logo Type

It is a detail that is very important. Sometimes you recognize a brand at a glance, just by seeing its logo. To create an impactful logo, it must be sleek and we must quickly guess what it evokes. It can be composed of initials, name, pictogram, image.

The Color Palette

The visual identity of a brand also goes through the colors that represent it. In general, we rely on 4 to 5 colors maximum.

Did you know? In communication and marketing, each color has a meaning, which is based on the collective unconscious and culture.

The Typography

Typography is a set of rules defining the fonts (fonts) used, their size, their weight (bold), the enhancement of the elements. Titles, subtitles, quotation blocks, paragraphs, buttons, everything that makes up the typographic identity of the brand is defined. In general, it is better to use 1 to 2 fonts.

Its History, Its Personality and Its Values: This is Called Storytelling

All brands have a history, a beginning, significant events. People like to know the history of a brand. The purpose of storytelling is to arouse interest and emotions in the prospect.

To do this, we can highlight the values ​​and strengths of its brand, its atypical journey. This is an important step in brand marketing, which can make a difference.

The Employee Tone to Adopt with Potential Prospects

To support its communication on different media, a brand must, in its storytelling and its communication in general, choose a tone to adopt.

Friendly, funny, didactic, serious. In general, we opt for a single tone at the risk of appearing incoherent. This allows potential prospects to have a clear idea of ​​what the brand is doing.

To be able to choose the tone to adopt, it is useful to create cards representing its ideal customers, also called buyer personae.

Its Products or Services, and the Communication Surrounding Them

If there is one essential thing for a brand or a brand, it is the products and services that it provides. These should be highlighted in line with the rest of the brand marketing strategy.

Broadcast Channels

Finally, in a brand marketing strategy, we must define the different channels that we will use to communicate. They come in several types:

  • Print (press, flyers, brochures, business cards,)
  • Radio and television (advertisements)
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Internet advertising (SEA, link exchange, sponsorship)

What is the Function of Brand Marketing?

What is Brand Marketing

Brand marketing has several functions that we classify into 3 categories:

The Relational and Identity Function

It allows the prospect or client to identify with the products or services he purchases. The brand must therefore share with it a way of life, commonalities, a style.

To answer this function, it is necessary to ask several questions:

  • Who are we talking to? (buyer persona or ideal client)
  • What are my values ​​and my story? (storytelling)
  • What image do my products convey (product branding)

The Transactional Function

This function reassures the prospect or client by communicating clearly and transparently on their products or services. We can highlight their manufacturing method, their provenance, certifications, labels, customer reviews. We can also communicate on who created these services by presenting the team and each of its members.

The Suction Function

Nowadays, people buy products or services that are consistent with their values ​​and identity. They prefer to opt for trusted brands.

The brand must also respond to their desires and aspirations. “Impossible is nothing”, Adidas’s slogan, sends a positive message to its customers, for example.

How to Set Up a Brand Marketing Strategy?

What is Brand Marketing

Implementing a brand marketing strategy therefore relies on several aspects:

  • The brand name and slogans
  • Its visual identity, declined thanks to its graphic charter
  • Her storytelling and the tone she uses
  • Its services, services or products
  • The chosen distribution channels

By working on each of its aspects and ensuring the consistency they have with each other, we can make a draft branding strategy.

You can then be referred and supported in your approach. Thus, your brand or your company will have a stronger own identity, which will undoubtedly help it to stand out from the competition!

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