8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

Want to become a more expert digital marketer? Besides having skills in digital marketing of course you also have to have the expertise to operate digital marketing tools. If you are currently learning digital marketing, here are some recommendations for digital marketing tools that are very useful for your career development.

8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

1. Google Analytics

Like digital marketing, you are certainly accustomed to interacting, monitoring, and analyzing the development of a website or blog. In that case, traffic (traffic) and visitor conversion are two important things to know.

8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

Well, one tool that can help you get that data is Google Analytics. You can study intensively and become a Digital Marketing Specialist by taking Google Academy courses. The online course is organized by Google which is aimed at beginners, intermediates, and who are already specialists in digital marketing.

2. Google Ads

For online businesses and Digital Marketer Expert, being number one on search engines or the first page on Google is the main goal. For this reason, we use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to win the competition in search engines.

8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

Google Ad allows advertisers to bid on certain keywords that are appropriate for their business with the aim that these ads can appear in Google’s search results.

Not only that, but there are also several other advertising products such as the Google Display Network, Shopping, and Video. Similar to Google Academy, you can also independently learn everything about Google Ads through the Google Ads Help page.

3. Facebook Ads

No less important than search engines, social media is also a major concern of Digital Marketer Expert. For this reason, digital marketing tools in the field of social media are also important.

8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

One of the features of Facebook ads is that Facebook Ads are much loved by digital marketers. Facebook Ads will allow us to target audiences on Facebook that meet the target market’s criteria.

Audience targeting can be chosen based on demographics, location, interests, and behavior. Amazingly, Facebook Ads also allows us to advertise with their partner platforms such as Instagram and other Facebook Display Networks.

4. Twitter Ads

This advertising feature offers several options such as promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends. Besides, Twitter also offers advertisements in the format of website cards which are used to bring visitors to the website from Twitter and also invitations to download applications.

8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

5. Hootsuite

As a digital marketer expert, you are naturally accustomed to paying attention to all of your business activities or clients through social media. Especially if your business has an account on several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

With several social media channels that we have, of course we need a centralized social media management platform. With Hootsuite, you can manage all these channels in one platform.

Although there aren’t as many viewers on Twitter like Facebook and Instagram, for some target markets, Twitter can be an exclusive and appropriate choice in terms of online promotion.

6. Mailchimp

There is another digital marketing tool that you shouldn’t miss, namely email marketing tools like Mailchimp. You can capture new customers and build good relationships with your customers.

8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

Mailchimp is the most widely used email marketing tool for digital marketers. By using Mailchimp, you can send hundreds to thousands of e-mails automatically even without cost or free.

7. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a great digital marketing tool for you to learn especially for SEO and SEM. Through Ahrefs you can learn almost everything about your business competitors through the Ahrefs site explore.

8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

Through Ahrefs you can learn from wherever your competitors’ traffic appears, the site’s ranking to the backlinks that lead people to the site.

You can also use the content explorer feature to see what types of content are most shared on the site.

8. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a service offered by Google to help you maintain, and solve the problem of having a site on Google’s search engine.

8 Digital Marketing Tools That You Must Know

The feature offered is seeing traffic data for your site. This tool will also let you know if Google has problems with indexing, spam, or other problems on the site.

Apart from these 8 digital marketing tools, many other tools can help provide the best results and suit your needs. Come on, learn a variety of digital marketing tools to maximize the results of your marketing work.

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