The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

With an era of development like today, digital marketing channels, or Digital Marketing, are gradually replacing and rivaling traditional marketing channels. While traditional marketing only focuses on “impressing”, Digital Marketing is aiming at a new aspect, which is to allow users to experience products and services, especially in the booming era of the Internet. . And let’s find out: “What is Digital Marketing”!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing method that utilizes “digital” such as the Internet and IT technology. Until the Internet has penetrated into the world, salespersons visit homes and companies individually, experience of doing business and impressions when interacting with customers, or questionnaires to the general public through newspapers, magazines, TV etc. Marketing to masses based on surveys was the mainstream.

However, with the advent of the Internet, the analysis of website visits and the marketing of e-mails to personalized individuals has emerged. Today, digital marketing is conducted not only on the Web and email, but also for real-life store behavior and purchases by analyzing customer preferences and behaviors using big data technology and AI, and taking into account hidden needs and trends.

What is Digital Marketing

In addition, instead of directly selling the features and usability of the product to the customer, it is possible to build a relationship between the customer and the company by instilling an abstract impression such as the concept or image of the product or brand and evoking empathy. Techniques have also been adopted. It can be said that this is a marketing method that suits the current era in which it is necessary to target “individuals” by subdividing the hobbies and tastes. What exactly are you doing? This time, I will introduce the basic knowledge of this digital marketing.

What are the Benefits of Using Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an important part of overall marketing strategy. Along with traditional marketing, Digital Marketing plays an important role as a bridge between users and businesses. Not only that, Digital Marketing has been a strength for most businesses and accounts for a significant amount of budget in the overall marketing strategy of the business.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

The strong development of Digital Marketing does not eliminate the presence of traditional marketing, but it also overcomes the previous limitations, demonstrating the advantages compared to traditional marketing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing?

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

1. Convenience

In an age where everyone sees Google as a guide to their actions, digital marketing is seen as the only key to helping businesses sell. With Digital Marketing, businesses can operate 24/7 without having to worry about time. Besides, customers feel more convenient when they can order online or can go to the store whenever and where to buy, find new models, read product reviews or give talk to your friends about the product.

2. Low Starting Cost

With the common use of traditional marketing (TV advertising, event planning, signboards, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, letters, phone calls or even offers, referrals, direct products) to market for businesses that require businesses with large budgets, the cost can be up to tens of billion is absolutely possible. However, the cost of doing Digital Marketing is much lower than traditional, it will help businesses start online advertising without having to worry about the initial cost, because advertisers do not require businesses.

An enterprise must sign a large value contract to be able to serve the business, without paying rent or maintenance fees. The business itself has the right to decide the approach, how much it costs for each campaign and for how long. All search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. and social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram offer flexible bids so that every business can run ads depending on the budget management of surname.

For example, businesses can start using Facebook advertising to reach customers at low cost. Or with Google Adwords, the actual price businesses pay for Google to promote their brands is often lower than expected budget if they manage advertising tools well and choose reasonable bids. Even if businesses decide not to spend their budget on advertising, there are still other ways to attract customers to them through other free ways such as: Post your own website and optimize content for search engines (SEO), take advantage of the free information page, create booths on major e-commerce sites.

Approach Quickly

Quick Access with website communication, email and social media channels allows business messages to be shared very quickly.

Broad Reach

Enterprises reach customers on a large big data range. Big data is a huge amount of user data (customer records, audio, images, documents) that online advertising platform (google, facebook …) collects user data through declarations or calendars. User activity history. Therefore, customers can see businesses anywhere in the world from a marketing campaign, businesses can also sell to customers anywhere, any country without opening stores, expand target markets, organize export business without building a network of distribution channels in other countries. Meanwhile the cost to do this using traditional methods is quite significant. Therefore, optimizing keywords for content search in the website helps businesses receive more long-term value, with relatively low cost to maintain rankings on the search engines.

In-Depth Approach

Have you ever asked the question “Why does a Facebook ad of a fan page accidentally appear on the News Feed – the content is in the middle of your Facebook homepage and coincidentally that’s what you are interested in? mind? because internet traces the user behavior, IP cookies, website visited, etc- such as providing personal information for Facebook, Google …) online advertising channels can completely help you reach specific users.

In addition, these tools also measure the conversion from readers to customers with specific parameters, even if the number of potential customers decreases through each step, we can make statistics to find out. Advertising needs to be optimized at any stage. Measuring business efficiency is also easier and more effective, businesses can calculate the profit earned on each product sold after deducting production costs, advertising costs, and other expenses.

This is an advantage that traditional marketing cannot do, and this makes digital marketing an effective tool for marketers.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Tools

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

The Ability to Measure Efficiency

With traditional marketing, it is difficult to track and measure advertising effectiveness accurately, but Digital Marketing is different, it has the ability to measure easily and more effectively with careful analysis tools. digital (analytic tools). Businesses can accurately measure the level of potential customers’ interest in each of those ads by accurately evaluating the number of people interested in, accessing ads, searching for businesses with specific keywords.

Besides, advertisers also calculate advertising costs by the date of posting and location. This way, businesses can control their advertising budget to the maximum, change or adjust the campaign in time. Even these tools measure the direction of the user as they go to the website of the business through any source: Facebook page or search on Google, where they are directed in your website, stay on your website how long you are, what they read on your website.

Target the Right Customers

Targeting the right target audience for each marketing campaign is one of the prerequisites of any business. This is not an easy task, but unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing has the ability to choose the audience to advertise based on available customer data – user information needs, thereby helping businesses. bring your product to exactly the target audience. This data can also be built by businesses or provided by third parties such as Facebook, Google – which has the ability to access and collect information from a huge number of users.

All search engines and social media platforms provide demographic choices (such as gender, age, occupation, region address …), shopping habits, interests and Specific behavior of millions of users. For example, when you plan to run ads on Facebook, Facebook will ask the audience you want to reach in this advertising campaign with typical options such as location, age, gender, language, interests. , behavior, and lots of other options to determine the maximum customer file that ads can reach.

With the help of Facebook, Google, technology companies, businesses are allowed to choose how to show their ads to many audiences. At the same time, can combine many different criteria in the screening of advertising objects; Even when adding or subtracting a criterion, businesses can instantly know the number of people who meet the selection criteria in a given area.

Targeting the right target customers helps the marketing campaign to increase efficiency, specifically businesses increase sales, maximum cost savings, choose the right customers, identify the size of the market. School in a simple and detailed way.

To Build a Relationship

Through the internet environment, businesses can easily chat and exchange with their customers. Because when interacting with customers, businesses can collect ideas and understand what customers want (insight), thereby creating products and services that meet that desire.

Once customers have purchased the product online, you can begin a relationship with them by sending a follow-up email to confirm the transaction and thank you to the customer. Regularly emailing customers about products they are interested in, along with special promotions / gifts just for them to maintain a good and sustainable relationship. You can also invite customers to submit product reviews on the site.

Create a fanpage or group on facebook to convey the information and directly take care of customers, because most users want to message, comment online before they call the hotline or must go directly to the store, to ask a question.

In fact, businesses are very interested in the benefits of creating relationships that Digital Marketing brings. By the ability to identify customers accurately and focus advertising with large frequency, on multiple channels at a low cost. Moreover, businesses can classify and evaluate customers’ purchasing power through their interaction with advertising products to focus resources for potential revenue groups, more for business.

Two or More Dimensional Interaction

Business-to-customer interaction not only encourages customers to buy and use the product, but also greatly contributes to their loyalty. Because when interacting with customers, businesses can collect ideas and understand what customers want (insight), thereby creating products and services that meet that desire.

Let customers freely interact and exchange their views on the company’s products, so customers are somewhat excited when their feedback is appreciated. From there they will love the brand, increasing the reputation for the brand.

Rapid Spread

Viral marketing is essentially encouraging individuals to spread the content of marketing messages that businesses send. It can be said that this is the biggest advantage of digital marketing based on digital media. Digital Marketing besides helping free PR businesses also creates a crowd effect, making many people know the brand or have a little sympathy for your brand. In some events, attendees not only perform the sharing action before the event, but even the event can post status lines and images to share their feelings, this is the most authentic way.

There Are a Lot of Choices

Through the use of many different tools, individual users or businesses are free to choose the type that suits them best.

In general, Digital Marketing is one of the popular marketing methods and is used by many businesses and individuals online businesses today because it gives them many benefits. It creates a level playing field for any business that can compete with its competitors, whether large or small, to promote products to customers, remove geographical barriers and costs. starting point, in-depth technology, and help the process of promoting the product many times more effectively by standardizing the target customer, so that the business can assess the results of the work smoothly and accurately.

However, Digital Marketing does not only have advantages but it is a double-edged sword, so businesses want to succeed and achieve efficiency when putting digital in marketing requires businesses to build the necessary and sufficient conditions. , besides having to research carefully before applying for your brand.

Channel Diagram in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an area that is gaining the upper hand in the market and becoming the leading marketing channel trusted by businesses. Businesses use Digital Marketing communication channels (Display Network, Social Media …) to reach potential customers, thereby promoting their brands, products and services.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing already exists in the concept of Marketing Mix. It appears in the Promotion element (under the 4P model), where there is a change in marketing activity as the Internet develops. Digital marketing (Digital Marketing) has had remarkable advantages compared to traditional marketing thanks to the emergence of many digital marketing channels (SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media, Display Network …) – an important foundation for the businesses can flexibly apply, catch change and successfully implement marketing strategies on the Digital environment.

Who Needs to Use Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is also a job in Marketing (including creating marketing scripts, marketing planning and measuring marketing results), but in a digital environment (the Internet is essential). Digital marketing is increasingly asserting its importance in the marketing strategies of companies, small and large businesses not only in India but also in the world.

Who Needs to Learn Digital Marketing?

With the strong development, Digital Marketing has attracted a large number of young people who want to learn and are eager to pursue this path. Knowledge of SEO, website optimization, online marketing planning as well as measuring the results of Digital Marketing strategies can be learned through the process of working and taking more courses from outside professional centers. . It doesn’t matter whether you majored in marketing or not.

Not only in terms of personnel, even the market is changing as more and more companies are involved in the Digital Marketing segment, many of which have previously specialized in traditional advertising (events, TVC). , billboard advertising, printing …) but now expanding into the array of Digital Marketing. This also led to many people who previously worked on traditional marketing also want to learn more and switch to Digital Marketing recently, because they feel the development of this segment and consider it as opportunity to expand on new knowledge or career opportunities.

Profession of Digital Marketing in Industry

If You Have Technical Qualities

Web design, app design SEO, SEM, Multimedia (clip. Flash)

If You Have Creative Qualities

Graphic Design, Multimedia

If You Have the Ability to Write/Communicate

Social media (Facebook, forum, Blog), SEO, online communication, content marketing, copywriter.

If you are worried because you do not have a lot of expertise in this field, it is difficult to follow, it is negative thought. Whether you are one of the traditional Marketers or a complete novice, if you are looking to learn more about this Digital Marketing, you can start to research and practice to become a genuine Digital Marketer, You just need to be confident, passionate about this field and meet the skills of Digital Marketing to be creative, analytical and sensitive.

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