How To Create Effective Creative Ads?

How To Create Effective Creative Ads?

As digital marketers, we also support the achievement of the company’s business goals through a digital marketing campaign. Digital marketers usually have a responsibility to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions.

The conversion can be in the form of user acquisition or lead generation, sales such as purchases or transactions, install apps, store traffic, etc. depending on the business model.

In this article, we will learn about how to create creative advertising that is effective in increasing conversions. Here are some things you need to pay attention to..

You Can Use the Following Tools To Peek Creative Competitors Ads

Many Factors Affect the Results of the Conversion

You need to remember that digital marketing is not an exact science about numbers and calculations.

Many factors need to be considered such as setting the appropriate target audience, forecast budgeting, timing (is there a difference in results between weekdays and weekends, user journey — when is the peak season, and the low season), placements, devices, optimization for ad delivery, website infrastructure or landing pages, and various other factors.

Define Metrics as Benchmarks of Success

you need to determine the metrics to judge whether or not the ads that run are successful.

For conversion, there are 3 main marketing metrics that you can handle, namely CPA (Cost per Acquisition), Conversion Rate, and CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

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If the CPA and Conversion rates obtained are relatively cheap and higher than usual, then you need to pay attention to the CTR as well as an assessment of the creative factors of advertising.

If the CTR percentage is far above usual, then it can be concluded that the success of the conversion is much influenced by the creative advertising.

For example, if the CTR that you usually get is from 0.5% to 1%, then you managed to reach 1.5%, then it can be said that the creative ads that you run successfully.

Perform daily monitoring for 3-14 days (depending on the digital ads channels used) to assess the digital marketing campaign that is run to give the desired results or not. Also, an objective assessment basis will further assist your innovation in how to create the next ad.

Find Out the Type of Creative Ad that Fits on Each Digital Channel

If there is more than one digital ad channel, you need to differentiate and also compare the results from the creative side of the ad used. As we know, each digital ad channel has different ad products, ad delivery, user behavior, and interests, as well as creative formats.

For example, creative types with video formats for conversion purposes will be cheaper if the CPA is run on Instagram Ads compared to YouTube.

In the next example, creative ads with the format carousel or multiple images will be more effective if placed in the placement of Instagram Feeds than Instagram Stories. Therefore you need to give a different treatment on how to create ads on each digital channel that is used.

Pay Attention to the First 2-5 Seconds for Video Formats

The results of research from IPG Media brands, a media company said that 39% of Facebook and Instagram users only spent 2-3 seconds of a video ad they saw. While for YouTube or Google, the average level of users completing ads with a duration of 1-10 seconds is 37%.

These figures can be used as a benchmark or standard under the performance of your ad. If the performance of your digital marketing campaign is below that number, you need to rework and evaluate the ad creative, especially in the first 2-5 seconds.

Perform A/B Testing to Choose the Best Ad Creative

A/B testing is an experimental strategy of 2 or more variations on a digital marketing campaign design with the same or balanced time and budget periods.

With A / B testing you can compare the results of the variables you want to test, such as creative advertising, target audience, delivery optimization, and placement.

The following are examples of A / B testing with advertising creative variables that can be tested/tested, design, image text, caption or text, CTA button (Call to Action), and others.

Take a Peek at Creative Advertising Next Door

Remember the first point about the many factors that influenced the results of the conversion?

The conversion results from your digital marketing campaign can also be influenced by the performance of competitors’ ads. So, it never hurts to peek at a neighbor for a while and compare it to your ad creative. How to make ads from this comparison will be more effective and relevant in increasing conversions.

You can use the following tools to peek creative competitors’ ads:

  • Ad Library for Facebook and Instagram
  • Keyword Planner or Ubbersuggest’s for Google
  • Ads Transparency Center for Twitter
  • Add / ads on the competitors URL page for LinkedIn

Get Insights Regularly and Continue to Produce Other Ad Creatives

Don’t be satisfied just yet. To get a stable conversion result, you need to be consistent in monitoring the reports starting from daily, weekly, monthly, up to quarterly, semester, and also annual.

It is important to continue to get new insights which you then use to innovate to create the next advertising creative.

Besides, you can also conduct regular discussion sessions with your creative team or division to bring in other perspectives and also interesting and fresh ideas to try.

Some Important Terms in Digital Marketing

Click-Through Rate: The percentage of the number of visitors who clicked on an ad out of the total number of people who saw it.

Cost Per Acquisition: Average acquisition price or yield of an ad.

Conversion: One of the marketing objectives that directs visitors to do something that affects the business of a product/brand.

Conversion Rate: The percentage of website visitors who have taken action from the total website visitors overall.

Lead Generation: A type of conversion that aims to increase sales through forms that contain information on names, emails, cellphone numbers, and so on.

Marketing Metrics: Indicators that serve as benchmarks in assessing effectiveness in a marketing campaign.

That’s an important note about how to create effective creative advertising to increase conversions. Always do research and analysis as a strong consideration for you to innovate in a digital marketing campaign that is run.

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