How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

Valuation of a brand based on the number of people who express knowledge of its existence or not. Brand awareness can be expressed spontaneously or suggested. The memory of a brand spontaneously implies that it is stronger and more solid in the consumer’s mind.

1. Brand Awareness Definition

Brand awareness is the level of familiarity and ability of the target customer to remember the product / service that the business wants to target. Brand awareness is an important issue in consumer behavior research, advertising management, brand management and strategic development.

The perception is not necessarily that customers must be able to remember a specific brand name. Sometimes it is just a feeling of familiarity and when meeting customers, they will quickly recognize familiar brand products and make a purchase decision.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

For example, in your mind you are looking for a favorite type of cake in a supermarket, but you can hardly read the name or present it to the supermarket staff. But just a quick glance at the product you need can be easily identified based on familiarity. In terms of packaging, colors and even the taste reminders spring up in thought.

Important Components of Creating Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Enhances Credibility

In a highly competitive world between brands, customers often rely on in-depth surveys and opinions of others before making a purchase. Everyone now has a reputation for the brand. Brand values led to loyal customers. Even if you face some difficulties, your reputation will always remind you when you encounter it.

Brand Awareness Creates Credibility For That Brand

That’s why brands try to appear in as many places as possible. Making it easy for people to recognize often is a strategy for creating increased trust. The brand will be mentioned everywhere even if someone does not use the product. Trust is creating a psychological factor that marks each behavior of customers.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

Brand Awareness Creates Associations

When you want to search for something on the Internet, I believe you will immediately think of Google. Even this has become a special keyword which is always available in the beginning, Or in an outing, many people would immediately consider the drink to be Coca-Cola. Even if you are not sure that you liked it, you will miss it because of the combination of interests and collectivity.

Understand correctly, the above-mentioned brands are not too superior in quality. If evaluated with competitors, but what they have is the brand culture. Secondary factors greatly influence the use of products / services. Brand culture is strong enough to help link the action needed with a product association and lead to buying behavior.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

Brand Awareness Builds Brand Equity

Quality goods at the best price, but not necessarily the best seller. High prices do not necessarily fail. Many customers buy on the basis of an equity value. There are hundreds of luxury brands on the market that still live well because of this factor. Brand equity describes the value of a brand, as determined by the consumer experience of the brand. The corresponding experiences and positive feelings after a purchase are the factors that help the brand be chosen.

The buyer understands that this time is not merely a demand. But also the value received later, be it pride, or simply a professional warranty. There are even things that are unrelated to the product, such as the rising stock value of the business. Or even just information about businesses successfully researching a new application.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

At this point I believe that you have seen Brand awareness, how important brand awareness is. It builds trust with the customers of the business, creates positive associations and creates extremely valuable brand assets. Allow branding to become a well-known name and a first choice when needed.

2. The Importance of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the important brand assets that can add value to a product, service or business. Investing to build brand awareness can help create a sustainable competitive advantage, thus bringing about long-term profits.

Brand awareness is the basis for businesses to promote the brand. Successful introduction of new products or services, building business reputation. Distinguish businesses from competitors, find and retain loyal customers.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

Create Brand awareness is essential for new brands when potential customers do not yet know about the business. If customers are not aware of the brand, it is definitely NOT the top brand that they choose to buy.

Sometimes advertisers put too much emphasis on building different ads to create Brand Awareness. But creating awareness is only the first step, and ensuring consumers go further to buy brands and go beyond becoming loyal customers. Businesses need to create expectations, and what you need is strategies to gradually gain customers’ trust.

3. Types of Brand Awareness

Communication is the brand’s vital issue when launching new products. Whether you are a rookie or a brand name, you need to follow Brand awareness procedures. It helps to promote the reminders, associations, beliefs of every customer. Be wise to create an influential brand rather than explode and dissolve. Customers will go through a series of psychological stages to get the highest Brand awareness. And in order to do this, brands also divide into different types of brand awareness to build appropriate campaigns for each stage.

Brand Recall

When it comes to a product category, most consumers can only remember a small subset of brands in that category, Usually around 3 to 5 brands. Very few people are able to recall more than 7 brands in any product category. Even the product list can only remember 1 or 2 brand names. The study also found that the number of brands that customers missed could be influenced by factors including brand loyalty, perceived scale, emergent conditions, consumer factors, and eligibility.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

That is how important Brand awareness is. This is also the reason that we see so many brands often having to open campaigns. Even just say nothing about the quality of the product, simply the appearance of the brand to repeat. Slightly negative, it’s sometimes like the obsession and the mind of the customer.

Brand Recognition

Brand awareness refers to the ability to accurately distinguish a brand’s product when choosing. Customers will easily recognize through the featured graphics, the layout of the booth, even the typical taste. The broader understanding is that when customers are mentioned about a brand, they will immediately think of many products of that brand. Awareness helps show greater accuracy and decision making about purchasing behavior.

Awareness First – Top of Mind

Consumers will often purchase products that fall into the top three brands in their consideration chain. This is called brand awareness – top-of-mind brand awareness. Therefore, one of the goals of most marketing communications activities is to increase the ability of customers. Include their brand in the top choice of their customers.

Even the big guys create many brands near each other. To ensure that the top positions will be in the top of these brands. And no matter what product you buy, it’s all about a single parent brand.

4. How To Build Brand Awareness

Building Brand awareness among target customers and the mass audience is not an overnight event. Nor can this be done from a simple advertising or marketing campaign. A strong brand awareness is the result of many simultaneous activities that are more than trying to attract customers to pay for products and services.

Here Are Some Ways To Create A Strong Brand Awareness And Long-Term Impact On Customers

Be A Person, Not A Business

Instead of simply standing in the perspective of a business. At this time, you consider your customers your friend, and yourself. This will outline the reasons for your friend using the product or service. Most sincerely. Brand awareness will gradually increase in the last few years.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

This process will tell you what the product needs to improve. Brand awareness is also a review to see how the market responds to products. This will build your campaigns based on the important bullet points you have collected. Don’t try to be smart, but do everything in a methodical manner and respect all suggestions.

Cognitive Change, Not Immediate Behavior

Don’t try to cram all good things into your customers’ minds for Brand awareness. Bring what people need according to different customer-specific files. It’s like making a habit in life. It simply takes time, but this is very limited because of the pressures that surround the business. So divide things up into stages so that you don’t miss everything from expectations.

Internal and socialization

Many brands make a mistake when they only consider customer experience to increase Brand awareness. But forget that the members of the business who understand the product very well, no campaign as strong as the people who create the effect. Why not? Let the company’s personnel are the people who use the products and services. If not good, the family told each other, if it’s good then congratulations you have a new Sale without costing anything.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

When you are at home, it is time for you to feel secure to carry out socialization. The important goal is to find people who are willing to share and evaluate objectively the product. The business will then adjust, as a confirmation of care and perfection. Over time all actions will turn into people’s deep beliefs and memories in the minds of people that will help increase Brand awareness.

Tell A Story

Storytelling is an extremely useful marketing tactic in developing Brand awareness. Whether you are marketing your product or promoting your brand. Why is that? Because it provides something genuine for customers to pursue. Creating a story around a brand personifies your personality and gives it depth. It helps stimulate curiosity and people will want to know what the end is. It is important that in the whole process you have sent the most essential messages into the story.

What should the brand story have? Anything as long as it’s true. It can be a story about the founder of the business, the story of the product idea creation process. Be it the first of the business, or a fairy tale, a story about a association of certain development values. The key factor is the true value of the business mentioned. Leading to absolute confidence in products and brands.

Make Sharing Easy

No matter what industry you do, what products you sell, or marketing strategies, it makes it easier for your customers to share content. This can be blog posts, sponsored content, videos, social media posts or product pages. It is the most powerful testimonial when an information is shared by a customer.

It would be great if you turned this into a viral wave. There are more digital ways to exploit this or the media than word-of-mouth marketing. This is the most natural, it is the chosen emotion and absolute belief. Remember to collect these positive signals for later implementation for brand recall campaigns.

5. Tips To Improve Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is not an activity that can be easily done in a day or two. It is not just a few ads or a single marketing campaign. A brand with a wide range of brand recognition is often the result of a series of ongoing efforts. Combining different communication activities.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

Do not rush to follow the media trends mentioned somewhere. Instead, create your own unique media campaign. Because only you are the one who best understands who your business is. Think and apply these steps to grow your brand.

Choose The Right Target Audience

Targeting the audience needs to match the content of brand and product value to customers. Brand awareness includes brand awareness and brand recognition strategies. Although you want people to pay attention to the business, you don’t want to waste money on getting the attention of people who won’t return anything.

By identifying the ideal target customer you can ensure that the business is customizing Brand awareness. And his recognition efforts to attract the most beneficial audience for the business. Think about the different target groups you want to target. To be able to differentiate and create the highest results in each target group.

Offering Free Services

This approach proved to be much more effective and smarter. Many businesses only allow their customers to try for a limited time, and then everything comes to a dead end: customers stop using the product at the end of the trial period.

Please provide the service for free, or just charge with the support such as paying for the 3rd party. This will give customers the opportunity to experience a certain part of the product or service. . Before making a decision whether to spend money to buy the rest of the product or not.

Improve Brand Awareness With Free Content

In the modern business world, it’s hard to be successful without some social media strategies. Today’s customers want to build relationships with their favorite companies, and that’s where social media helps strong brand awareness. By finding out which social networking platforms customers use most. You can talk directly to your audience and begin to understand what customers need from your company and product.

Creating free content can be easier than ever with an Internet-based network. Enterprises can completely convey the content of the product, interacting directly with customers to answer questions. Or simply entertaining clips created by the marketing department of your business on a special occasion.

Branding Needs Consistency

Create a brand with a “unique personality”. The first important thing you need to do is shape it. This is important in aligning customer emotions with campaigns that promote brand awareness.

The more your customers imbue with the message you want to convey, the more likely they are to keep the brand image in your mind and keep in mind. Overall, If you are like every other business in the same industry, then you will have to work hard to become memorable and stand out.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

To identify the brand, businesses need to have consistent tones, consistent colors, representations and logos. More consistent elements you can recommend for your brand. The more you build on the familiarity by providing the customer’s mind with something to be sustainable.

Create Viral Marketing Campaigns

Word of mouth ads expand brand reach by allowing connections and reviews to expand. Viral marketing is an influential ad, but it needs a strong difference to encourage customers to share the video. Images or stories of their experience with your company require high investment in form and content.

Besides bringing the brand to appear in a new form. Viral advertising also helps highlight the value in the business, from the perspective of brand awareness. If creating interesting, interesting or entertaining content, customers will naturally be more likely to share it with their friends and family.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

Sponsor For Events

Once businesses access to events and fairs, you have the opportunity to reach and promote the brand to hundreds, thousands of participants. There are leaflets, water bottles with brand prints, and T-shirts, things, things. One thing is for sure, the brand will appear everywhere inside the event.

Of Course, businesses should consider selecting events that are relevant and linked to the core values. Target audience as well as the message you want to convey.

6. The Process Of Measuring Brand Awareness

Brand awareness to ensure the market success of a product or brand. The level of Brand awareness must be managed throughout the product lifecycle. From product launch to product market decline. Many businesses regularly monitor brand awareness and if they fall below predefined thresholds. They will try to increase advertising and promotions until awareness returns to the desired level.

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Full Guide and Strategy

Brand Awareness Measurement Aspects

  • Measure brand awareness
  • Measure brand perceived value
  • Measure product quality
  • Measure the level of satisfaction with the stages of the business
  • Measure brand positioning: the position that is present compared to the competitors, compared to the position you want to reach.
  • Scope of Brand awareness measurement
  • Target customers: present, future
  • Personnel in the business, interested personnel who want to learn about the business, Investors, strategic partners
  • The media (newspaper, experts, influencers, communication channels)
  • Government authorities
  • About social activities, non-governmental, non-profit

Method Of Measuring Brand Awareness

Measured by ABS – Brand Strength Index

ABS = average A (distinctive index) + T (trial index) + F (familiar brand indicator) + C (coverage) A: awareness rate = first recognition rate + subsequent awareness rate + subsequent awareness rate + suggestion rate

T: Trial indicator = Suggested/Used awareness rate) * 100%

F: Familiar brand index = (Percentage used/most frequently used) * 100%

C: The coverage of the distribution channel in the target market

7. Some Methods Of Measuring Brand Awareness In Online Environment

Brand awareness is not a tangible concept. So you cannot measure them the traditional way. Or yes, it can only cost part of the problem because of financial problems and time. Nowadays, as technology changes, the application of technology platforms to evaluate brand awareness is very important. Here are some methods used by many major brands.

Quantitative Brand Awareness Measures

The data you collect below can help you draw an overview of your brand’s brand awareness:

Direct Traffic/Direct Traffic

Simply put, the number of people who access the Website directly (who has hosted the brand image). Measured through intermediary tools to help evaluate a lot of indicators so you can evaluate the performance of the business. Like age range, in which region you come from, index of website retention rate, articles, services of interest … From which you can devise appropriate strategies to take care of these important customers.

Site Traffic Numbers/Web Traffic Numbers

This number reflects the total number of website visits. This index is very important because it demonstrates the development of communication channels directed to the Web. Make statistics and up specific strategies to optimize conversions.

Social Engagement

Engagement/Interaction of customers is shown by the number of likes, follow, comment, share content of your business social networking site. It reflects how many people know the existence of the brand, mention, talk about it. At the same time, it also shows how influential and impact your brand has on the public.

Qualitative Brand Awareness Measures

Search results on Google

The current search has become the trend, search to buy, search to compare with other products. And if the business is not yet available at the top of the keyword, it also greatly affects brand awareness.

Social Listening

What the community on social media is about businesses, through various social media management tools. This is like the development of digital word-of-mouth marketing, and for better or for worse, information will be transmitted quickly. Even many cases are out of control.

Conducting Brand Awareness Surveys

This is a method that can help you directly get customer feedback and feedback, not just about what they think, but also the reviews, their own brand. You can use the tools available today to be able to do this. Getting started may be data from old customers. Further are campaigns to obtain surveys of new audience files.

The above tools are only a measure, but it does not completely reflect every brand awareness – brand awareness. Either way, the increase in sales, the brand return effect is the most important thing every brand aims to.

Do You Understand The Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the result of brand recognition and remembers the brand’s mark in the hearts of its customers. This is an important first step and the most basic goal of marketing communications. Always maintain and be creative to create repetitive or aggressive campaigns to ensure your brand is always remembered.

Going beyond understanding Brand awareness is also a way for businesses to analyze competitors. Understanding yourself, understanding your opponent is always the most important strategy. This is similar to research to produce new products. Be well prepared for quality and qualified personnel. Knowledge is infinite, but you can do it for yourself because nothing is impossible.

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