8 Easy Steps to Make a Social Media Marketing Strategy

8 Easy Steps to Make a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The social media marketing strategy is a summary of everything you plan to do and what you want to achieve on social media. The thing you want to achieve can guide what needs to be done and tell whether the business is effective or not, successful or not. Every post, reply, like, and comment must lead to the original destination. The more specific your strategy, the more effective the execution will be. It is better not to make plans that are too complex or too broad because the results cannot be measured. To that end, here are 8 easy steps to create a social media marketing strategy plan.

Table of Contents

  • Determine the Social Media Marketing Strategy Objectives by Business Goals
  • Use Metrics for Accurate Results
  • Learn All About Audience
  • Conduct Research on Competitors
  • Conduct an audit on social media
  • Optimize and Improve Profiles
  • Find the Right Inspiration
  • Make a Calendar of Social Media Content
  • Test, Evaluate and Adjust Strategy

Determine the Social Media Marketing Strategy Objectives by Business Goals

The first step to making a strategy is to set goals and objectives. Without goals, you will not have a way to measure success or return on investment (ROI). Make sure each goal must be specific, measurable, achievable (realistic), relevant, and with a timeframe. This is expected to guide what needs to be done to lead to tangible results.

Use Metrics for Accurate Results

Metrics that look like the number of retweets and likes are easy to track, but difficult to prove the true value. Instead, it’s better to focus on targets such as lead generation, web referrals, and conversion rates. You can also set different goals for different media, or even different uses for each media. For example, a product uses paid advertising to build brand awareness, but measures engagement with organic social posts.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Make sure you align these goals with the overall marketing strategy. This will make it easier for you to show the results of the work. You can start developing a social media marketing strategy plan by setting at least three goals for social media.

Learn All About Audience

Knowing who the audience is, the ideal customer, and what they want to see on social media is the key to creating content that they will like, comment on, and even share. This is also important if you want to turn followers on social media into customers for your business. You can try to make an audience persona. You can use this to think about who your potential audience is. This information can help you think about what to offer them.

Conduct Research on Competitors

Your competitors may already be using social media to advertise their products, therefore, you should also learn what they are doing. This research allows you to understand who your competitors are and what they have done well and not well. You can also better understand what customers want in the industry you are in.

Social Media Strategy

This research can also help you find opportunities. For example, one of your brands is more focused and dominant on Facebook, but there is not much interaction on Twitter or Instagram. You better focus on a network where your audience has less interaction, rather than trying to win the hearts of the audience from the media used by competitors.

Conduct an Audit on Social Media

If you already use social media, you need to take a few steps back to see what has been done and how it has worked. You can try to answer the following questions:

  • Who is connected to you through social media?
  • How does your social media situation compare to competitors?
  • What activities are effective and what is not effective?
  • What social media are used by your target audience?

After the information has been collected, you have a good starting point for planning ways to improve the results of the previous one. Try your evaluation gives a clear picture of the purpose of each social account. You can answer a few questions below as indicators of whether the social media that you are using is still worth maintaining:

  • Is your audience on the social media?
  • If so, how do they use the platform?
  • Can the social media marketing strategy help you achieve the specified targets?

It is hoped that the questions above will help you keep the strategy effective and not get off track.

Optimize and Improve Profiles

When you have decided which social media to use, make sure you also determine the strategy for each network. For example, you make Snapchat and Instagram upload video tutorials. While Twitter is intended for customer service. After you decide which channel to focus on, it’s time to create a profile or increase the profile, so that it is in line with your strategic plan.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Make sure you fill all the columns in the profile. Always use keywords for your business, so people will find you very easily. Do not let you create a profile that is not effective, for example, there is no audience in the media. It’s better to use a little social media than to force yourself to try to maintain every media.

Find the Right Inspiration

It’s important to keep the brand unique, but you can still find inspiration from businesses or other businesses that are also great on social media. You can research to dig up valuable information that can be applied in your strategy. You can see the winners of The Facebook Award for examples of the best brands on social media. The best brands usually have a consistent voice, tone, and style. Consistency is the key to helping your followers understand what is expected of your brand. Your audience will know why they have to follow you on social media and what are the benefits for them.

Consumers can also be an inspiration for your social media marketing strategies. You can pay attention to what they discuss on your social media, what you can provide by knowing what their wants and needs are. You can also ask customers what they want from the service you provide. From there, make sure you give them what they ask for, even if it isn’t soon.

Make a Calendar of Social Media Content

Uploading quality content is certainly very important. It is equally important to have a plan when it is the right time to share content so that it gets the maximum impact. The calendar of social media content also needs to calculate the time you need to interact with the audience. In the calendar that you created, also include the date and time when you will publish the content.

Social Media Strategy

In this social media marketing strategy content calendar, you can also add all social media activity plans, such as pictures, blogs, or videos as to what will be shared. You can also include daily posts. This calendar makes sure your posts are placed correctly and published at an optimal time. Make sure the calendar that you created has included the functions of each social media. So everything you post goes well according to its purpose.

Test, Evaluate and Adjust Strategy

Social media marketing strategies are very important documents for business. You cannot assume that the strategy will be right and right on the first try. When you start implementing a plan and see the results, you may find that some strategies are not suitable. While everything else went better than expected. In addition to analytics, you can use UTM (Urchin tracking module) to track visitors, so you can see which posts are most effective.

After all the data has begun to be collected, use it to re-evaluate the strategy you have run. You can also use this information to test various posts, campaigns, and strategies related to one another. Constant evaluation allows you to understand what works and what doesn’t, so you can improve your strategy in real-time.

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